Shaquille O’Neal’s locker room behavior was a constant humor

According to Grant Hill, Shaq was a source of constant humor in the locker room.

Shaquille O’Neal provides humor alongside Charles Barkley on “Inside the NBA” today, but Grant Hill said Shaq was like that in the locker room, too.

Hill and O’Neal were teammates on the Phoenix Suns, where Hill was able to see who Shaq was as a person. During a recent episode of “All the Smoke,” Hill told several stories about playing with O’Neal.

“I mean, there are so many stories, man,” Hill said. “I remember one time, we were in the showers after practice and he says to Jay Rich (Jason Richardson), ‘Jay Rich, you have a fat ass, man.’ I’m like, ‘How do you get back?’ Like, what does Jay Rich do man? You know what I’m saying? Shaq was just… he was funny. He was nasty. He was crazy.

“And we had poor Terry Porter. Man, he didn’t stand a chance.”

While telling a teammate he has a big butt is one thing, Hill told a story about Shaq and terry goalkeeper:

“So, Terry Porter. We’re in a movie session, and we’re watching a movie in the theater. He stopped the movie like, ‘Shaq, don’t you think you could come on the weak side and maybe block the shot right here? ?” Shaq would say, ‘TP, I’m in the top five of all time in the NBA in shot blocks. I think I know when I can block a shot.’

“Like disrespect, madness, but so calm.”

Shaquille O’Neal’s sense of humor means he can crack jokes in any situation.

Shaq brings his sense of humor to any situation.
Shaq brings his sense of humor to any situation.

While Shaquille O’Neal had no problem taking hits and playing funny jokes on his teammates, he would in other situations. Grant Hill told a story about some of O’Neal’s pranks at practice.

“A couple of times I was late,” Hill said. “Man, this is bad too. He’d be late for practice and no one would bother, because he’s Shaq.” He’d show up late and say, ‘Coach, I’m sorry, man, the passport truck flipped over on 51st, man. They were Mexicans everywhere. That’s why I’m late for practice.”

Ultimately, Hill noted how much humor there was in playing with O’Neal despite the team’s lack of success together.

“He was a man of constant humor, and he just kept it light,” Hill said. “He was fine. He was crazy. We didn’t make the playoffs, but you know he was on time.”

O’Neal tries to maintain that same humor in “Inside the NBA.”

O’Neal delivers hilarious jokes and jabs on TV, just as he did in the locker room.

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