Ms. Marvel Animation Captures Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’s Charm

Ms. Marvel in Captain Marvel costume comic book art

mrs wonder has just landed on Disney Plus, and if there’s one key takeaway to draw from the series, it’s that it’s unlike anything the MCU has done before. Sure, that could be for very obvious reasons, but only one seems to actually jump off the screen and that is none other than the show’s unique animation style.

In that sense, it is mrs wonder and no And yes…? which comes closer to achieving a domesticated MCU version of what Sony did with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in 2018, although in very different doses, considering that the adventures of Kamala Khan are not animated but live action. However, that only makes what directorial duo Adil & Bilall accomplish in the pilot episode all the more impressive. mrs wonder he dares to imagine how a teenager feels living inside his own comic book world.


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Setting the tone for mrs wonder

Such a drastic change cannot be carried out so suddenly, so perhaps mrs wonder It begins with an imaginative montage made by Kamala for her own YouTube channel, Sloth Baby Productions. It is a creative recreation of the events that unfold in avengers endgame, with the admitted bias of a Captain Marvel Stan. More than anything, though, it’s the best look at Kamala’s Marvel fangirl world, which really drives her, and a glimpse into how animation will be used on the show.

Into the Spider-Verse was a huge hit because it is, after all, a very good movie, but it’s impossible to imagine it existing without that distinctive art style that makes viewers genuinely feel like they’ve been thrown into a comic book. mrs wonder does this more casually. It’s not the biggest selling point of the series, but having entire sequences as comic book panels makes the show and Kamala highly favored.

Why does the program need to do this? Well, contrary to most other Marvel properties, mrs wonder – at least the Disney Plus version of Kamala – it’s a very recent comic, coming out in 2014, which makes her a character that has really evolved into what she is in the MCU era, where comics are more popular than ever. Directors may want to turn this teenager into Spidermanhowever, the difference is that Kamala isn’t tied to as many of the lore or major plot points that fans have seen for decades on countless occasions.

If every Marvel show on Disney Plus tends to tackle a different genre, then mrs wonder is a mix of teen comedy with superheroes. It’s a series that has to take itself a lot less seriously, and that alone makes it perfect to be viewed through the eyes of a Marvel-obsessed teenager.

Why does the animation work? mrs wonder

Kamala is the archetypal dreamer. It is the most puzzling feature of hers in the eyes of her conservative Muslim parents, and it is important to convey this division as her relationship with her parents is a defining aspect that needs exposure in mrs marvel search for representation. It really doesn’t take much for Kamala’s imagination to spill over into her comic book world to come up with plans to sneak out of her house. Even her best friend Bruno can’t even keep up sometimes.

In some way, mrs marvel the use of animation may remind some viewers Scott Pilgrim vs. the world. The subtle but crucial difference is that Scott and company exist in a comic book realm, while Kamala wishes to live in one, Marvel’s to be specific. Every piece of comic book text that appears on screen is a stark reminder of Kamala’s own artistic leanings and ultimately decision to become a cosmic girl in the space phase of the MCU, rather than being the the normal, overprotected teenager her parents want her to be. .

mrs wonder is far from the first or only series to use message bubbles; by now, this has become a general practice. However, their unique animation style is what makes them such a beautiful part of the overall composition of the shot, which is what really gives the show so much personality. This is even more special because the mrs wonder the comics also put their own spin on Kamala’s creative nature. In the case of the MCU, it’s the first time any show has leaned so heavily into that style.

It’s hard to argue if mrs wonder is either a flop or a hit after just one episode, and the very fact that Disney decided that Kamala could share the spotlight with Obi Wan Kenobi it says a lot about the tamed expectations the studio might have had for the show. Regardless, the MCU’s first teen comedy does enough to set itself apart from just about every other superhero out there. Anything it lacks in terms of story or substance is made easier to forgive due to its showcase of pure style.

mrs wonder is currently available to watch on Disney Plus.

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