Jason Todd’s Red Ronin Redesign Is Cooler Than Ever In New Fan Animation

Jason Todd's Red Ronin Redesign Is Cooler Than Ever In New Fan Animation

Red Ronin’s redesign of Dexter I Am for Red Hood is animated into cool artwork that makes us wish the character would become canon.

Dexter Soy is amazing red ronin redesign for jason todd is animated in some amazing fan animation that will have comic book fans wishing that version of the popular anti-hero made it into the DC Comics canon as soon as possible. @NotAntonio4 shared a fun animation test featuring Jason Todd’s I Am the Red Ronin fan art design, further showing how the character’s cool twist would fit beautifully into the DC Universe.

Red Ronin is technically a character from the DC Universe, much like a version of Tim Drake in the animated film. batman: ninja nickname dawned. However, the coolest version of a character with the same name comes from red riding hood and the outlaws artist Dexter Soy, who posted his own illustrations of his “fan art” version of Jason Todd on his social media, redesigning the character inspired by Japanese culture and the vigilante nature of being an antihero. The result was Red Ronin, a non-canon character who might be the best redesigned version of a DC character who never actually appeared in-universe.


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In its Twitter account, @NotAntonio4, who has done some great fan art of the Red Ronin redesign, showed off an animation test featuring Dexter’s Soy version of the antihero. The animation is unbelievably cool as Red Ronin’s red reflections can be seen in the dark when the light briefly reflects on Jason Todd showing off his armor, red mask, gun and katanas. For a character who is already one of the deadliest anti-heroes, his Red Ronin “fan art” redesign makes the character cooler than ever.

Dexter Soy’s redesign might not be official, even if the talented artist has done a lot of work for DC Comics, but it’s hard to deny that Red Ronin wouldn’t instantly become one of Jason Todd’s best looks if he ever appeared in a story. The Japanese-inspired features, armor, and weapons look absolutely dynamite. Also, the name Red Ronin is almost a better name than Red Hood, since he is closer to Robin, which is why he was changed to Tim Drake in the batman: ninja animated film.

The animation further proves that Jason Todd’s “fan art” is among some of the best redesigns done outside of the pages of DC Comics and needs its own official story right away. Hopefully one day DC Comics will give Dexter I Am the opportunity to write a Red Ronin Black Label series and give him the creative freedom to tell a different kind of story. jason todd story set in his version of the DC Universe.

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Font: Twitter – @NotAntonio4

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