Genshin Impact fan creates pixelated animation of Ayaka and Yoimiya

Genshin Impact - Ayaka and Yoimiya

A Genshin Impact fan shares a pixelated animation featuring two popular characters, Ayaka and Yoimiya, in a summer-themed setting.

Genshin ImpactThe playable roster is full of unique anime-inspired characters that continue to be the main focus of each new update. Developer HoYoverse continues to introduce at least one new character per update, with Yelan being the most recent addition to the game.

The game’s unique approach to character design is often a source of inspiration for fans to create their own artwork. A new publication in Genshin Impact subreddit shows off a fun pixelated animation featuring two popular characters.


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Reddit user Yexlir shared his pixelated artwork showing the five-star limited characters Ayaka and Yomiya in a summer outfit. The artwork shows the two characters battling it out on a very hot summer day, but luckily Ayaka’s cryogenic skills make things a lot easier. Yexlir is known in the Genshin Impact community for creating similar pixel art forms that feature the game’s characters. The animation was absolutely loved by the fanbase as the post gathered over 19k upvotes.

Multiple responses in the comments section praise the concept stating that it even managed to accurately portray Ayaka’s 10 second cooldown on her elemental ability – Kamisato Art: Hyouka. A couple of comments state that it’s a shame the game doesn’t delve into the friendship between the two characters. Both Ayaka and Yoimiya returned to Genshin Impact update 2.0 that started the entire Inazuma arc. Kamisato Ayaka has since appeared in a repeat banner during the previous Genshin Impact update 2.6.

Even though she was the only five-star limited character to appear in that banner cycle, Ayaka’s second appearance has become the most successful banner in Genshin Impactthe history of in terms of income. The two main reasons for this are probably the fact that she is one of the strongest DPS characters in the game and because the banner duration was extended due to the 2.7 delay, which gave players more time to use their banner.

yoimiya is another Genshin Impact DPS characters with a strong focus on single target damage. Recent rumors have revealed that he will most likely receive his first banner replay in the next Genshin Impact Version 2.8 which should arrive in mid-August. Both characters were overlooked during their first release, likely because the 2.0 update was more focused on introducing a major new region. The absence of an official five-star character announcement for 2.8 means it will most likely be joined by another iteration which, according to previous leaks, will likely feature Anemo user Kazuha.

Genshin Impact is available now on mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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