Every Ghostbusters Animated TV Show Explained (Old, Unaired, and Upcoming)

Every Ghostbusters Animated TV Show Explained (Old, Unaired, and Upcoming)

Ghostbusters as a series it had a long, meager but fascinating legacy in animation, filled with old cartoon staples, unaired potential, and upcoming projects. Since 1986 and the issuance of the real ghostbusters, there were wins, flops and weird moments that helped shape the franchise and Saturday mornings. There’s a reason any animated series featuring New York’s resident proton-throwing protectors comes with high expectations and fears that have nothing to do with ghosts, monsters, or doomsday deities.

From the conception of Ghostbusters film, television has always been part of the franchise. In 1975 Filmation The Ghostbusters cast starring Larry Storch from Married with children Y Troop F fame. A live-action series that had nothing to do with the 1984 film, almost steals Ghostbusters from its iconic name and theme song. Having played and turned down titles like “ghost busters”, Columbia Pictures paid Filmation for the rights to the name of his series on the condition that both could use it for television programs. After the success of 1984 Ghostbusters, both Filmation and Columbia began work on an animated series to capitalize on the quirky comedy horror. In Columbia’s case, it would be the next step for a pop culture sensation.


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Ghostbusters TV series have had their ups and downs and their impact on the franchise. Beginning with the real ghostbusters, the multiple animated series based on the original film helped expand the lore and create some of its most iconic characters. Having topped the Saturday morning charts, the fact that a new Ghostbusters The series hasn’t aired since 1997 makes for an odd mystery, and the announcement of another one is an exciting prospect. Considering the history of Ghostbusters shows, its inconsistent quality, and the lack of a new cartoon since extreme ghostbusters, the franchise is ready for a new and modern version. However, setting such high standards in its prime makes for an optimistic future and shows what can be done with the Ghostbusters mythos when there is talent, love and creativity behind the series.

the real ghostbusters

animated ghostbusters

Entitled the real ghostbusters as a hit to unrelated Filmation Ghostbusters simulcast cartoons, the show ran for 140 episodes over the course of 7 seasons. Taking place shortly after the events of the 1984 film, the real ghostbusters followed the team as they tried to rebuild their business and take on the supernatural, this time accompanied by the new mascot, Slimer, who is seen in the original film. Competing with the original films as the best version of the franchise’s characters and lore, it also had its share of dramatic challenges.

With writers like the famous J. Michael Straczynski behind the scenes and talents like Arsenio Hall, Maurice LaMarche, Lorenzo Music, Laura Summer and Frank Welker in the recording booth, the real ghostbusters The show rose to the top of the Saturday morning ratings. With witty jokes, a colorful cast, and stories that are both funny and sometimes terrifying, it almost instantly became one of the jewels in DiC’s animated crown. However, when ABC got more involved and demanded questionable changes to the show, ratings dropped. Citing weird choices like changing Janine’s glasses because “sharp objects scare children”, the forced inclusion of Slimer as a star and a general attempt to make the show more appealing to younger audiences, talents like Straczynski left and the show became Thinner! and the real ghostbusters. Eventually, Straczynski went back to trying to save the series, often writing episodes acknowledging the changes and criticism made by ABC in a tongue-in-cheek manner. the real ghostbusters ended in 1991 but would not see its end until 1997 when extreme ghostbusters airy


Thinner!  Cartoon

After Slimer became a leader in the real ghostbusters cast, an animated series attempted to give the green ghost more screen time. Entitled thinner!, the short cartoons reflected more of the comedic aspects of the series. While very different in artistic style and tone, Thinner! was established as part of the real ghostbusters universe and introduced new characters to the series as part of the show’s second incarnation.

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Coming after ABC insisted on changes to the real ghostbusters, a Slimer sub-series issued as an attempt to reflect his more kid-friendly direction. The show consisted of Tom and Jerrystyle antics when Slimer tried to outsmart the ghost hunter, Professor Dweeb. Although distinguished by his different artistic style and his more slapstick humor, Thinner! was established as part of the cartoon Ghostbusters Complicated canon with Dweeb appearing as a villain in both shows. Despite helping establish Slimer as a household name, the cartoon only ran for 13 episodes before being cancelled.

extreme ghostbusters

extreme ghostbusters

Under the working name of “super ghostbusters”, an animated series was commissioned to take the franchise into the 90s. Later titled extreme ghostbustersit was a sequel to 1997 the real ghostbusters that he hoped to tie up loose ends and focus on the next generation. It is not as popular or memorable as the original series, extreme ghostbusters it still managed to establish its place within the franchise with its darker direction and unique characters.

Taking place years after the original Ghostbusters disbanded, extreme ghostbusters he saw Egon Spengler as a mentor to a new generation of college students who decided to take up proton packs. With darker storylines, scarier situations, and more horrific villains, while many praised and liked how far it went at times, others felt it lacked the original charm of the real ghostbusters, which had its story concluded in the final episodes. Although his series ended after a single season and faded into obscurity, Egon’s students later returned in the IDW comics and other parts of the series. Ghostbusters science.

Ghostbusters: Ecto Force

Ghostbusters 2016 Movie Melissa McCarthy Kate McKinnon and Kristin Wiig

After extreme ghostbusters completed, to coincide with 2016 Ghostbusters film a new animated series known as Ghostbusters: Ecto Force It looked like it was going to make it to television. While it never aired, descriptions and concept art exist to explain its premise. Supposedly part of 2016 Ghostbusters universe, is one of the more mysterious projects teased in the wake of the divisive reboot’s release.

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Posted by original Ghostbusters director, the late Ivan Reitman, Ghostbusters: Ecto Force he promised to take a more international approach to the series. The concept involved a team of paranormal investigators in the year 2050 who traveled around the world to help local ghost hunting teams. Citing East Asian cultures such as Japan, China, and Korea, Ghostbusters: Ecto Force I hoped to explore different mythologies. Although Reitman claimed that the series was “on hold” due to other lively projects, with the challenges of 2016 Ghostbusters reboot had to be set and Reitman’s passing, not sure what the status of Ghostbusters: Ecto Force it is.

from netflix Ghostbusters Series

moogli ghostbusters logo

In 2022, after nearly four decades of Ghostbusters, Ghost Corps announced several new projects on the horizon. Between the next generation of video games, comics, and sequels, two animated spin-offs were revealed. The first in 25 years, Netflix’s reveal of a new Ghostbusters The cartoon gave audiences a glimpse of what was to come, but it left more questions than answers.

Produced by Ghostbusters: Beyond Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan, details about the project are still missing. However, at Ecto-Fest 2022, a celebration of the original Ghostbusters film, Reitman expressed his enthusiasm for the medium of animation and the potential for telling new stories with the series he inherited from his father, the late Ivan Reitman. “The world of the unknown can only be properly explored through the limitless scope of animation.”, commented the producer. With the critical success of his earlier work on Ghostbusters: Beyond and the animated series that preceded it, there is cautious optimism for what comes after. There is hope that the Netflix company can once again breathe new life into a name that is still associated with a quality standard of Saturday morning.

Ghostbusters it’s a series that’s been gone for so long, gone so far, and evolved far beyond the original movie that spawned it all. In animation, it says a lot that a name can still carry a beloved legacy of ’80s and ’90s cartoons despite its decline and shortcomings. It’s still unclear where the Ghost Corps cartoons go from here, but no less exciting.

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