Best Crude Humor Anime

Spike from Cowboy Bebop and Oolong from Dragonball

Crude humor can mean a lot of different things, but the general consensus is that it’s the kind of humor that’s described as “below the belt.” These are the kinds of jokes and situations that only adults would understand. Live action examples would include the national satire movie franchise and several films about the college “frat culture” that was popular in the 1980s.

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Some of the best anime use this crude humor to make people laugh even on shows that aren’t considered comedies. Often, he’s a character who has a reputation for making rude jokes, while on the other hand, he could be the basis of the entire show.


7 Black Lagoon

A series about a gang of mercenaries is not going to be exactly fluffy. They call themselves Black Lagoon and work in Roanapur, a lawless corner of Thailand. When Rokurou Okajima, a mild-mannered businessman, gets mixed up with these ruffians and decides that he can’t beat them, he joins them.

The show is primarily a drama, and is produced by mental hospital so it looks great, and the show’s adult themes overlap with the jokes. Black Lagoon He speaks most of his crude humor through the character of Revy, an uncompromising nihilist who uses inappropriate references and slurs with violent abandon.

6 cowboy bebop

Although it is mainly a drama, cowboy bebop it’s about a gang of bounty hunters, gamers, and misfits, so there will be a few crude jokes here and there. The main character himself tends to favor dark or cynical humor, while other characters, such as Faye Valentine, are more open about their motives and jokes.

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Director Shinichirō Watanabe helped design the characters, and they were developed with certain archetypes in mind. Faye Valentine, in particular, was inspired by the American West legend known as Poker Alice and has the rough frontier mouth to prove it.

5 tama gin

Read a description of tama gin makes it sound like a serious drama about a hero with a small team of allies fighting monsters in a post-apocalyptic world. However, this is one of the most popular sitcoms in anime history, and many of its laughs come from crude humor.

The mix of genres is one of the things that confused critics about this series at first, with some complaining about tonal issues. Some of the jokes were also specific to Japanese culture and difficult to localize, but thankfully great strides have been made in recent years in the translation of crude humor, and the show is as popular as ever.

4 samurai champloo

Most of the rude humor in samurai champloo comes from his most badass character, the scruffy and uncivilized Mugan. However, this series stars three embittered teenagers, so there’s also plenty of gritty humor for their peers to enjoy. Even Jin, who seems so demure and reserved, turns out to be a ladies’ man and isn’t always polite about it. Even the young and innocent Fuu has quite a colorful vocabulary.

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Shinichirō Watanabe also directed this series and the characters are designed and arranged in a similar way that reflects certain parts of his own personality. The plot follows the template of a “road trip” and very few movies that use that framework don’t also use copious amounts of crude humor and bizarre coincidences.

3 Dragon Ball

It’s easy to forget that the original Dragon Ball The series was a comedy, as the tone changed to a more serious drama in later years, with stakes on a galactic scale. The first season wasn’t just meant to be funny, it used a lot of crude humor to elicit laughs, and every character was involved in one way or another.

The Hunt for the Dragon Balls saga, which is the first part of the season, actually ends with a crude joke. Oolong, the shape-shifting pig, frustrates the enemy by wanting a comfortable pair of underwear. He takes them and proceeds to wear them on his head for the rest of the show.

two Tentai Senshi Sunred

A parody of the popular superhero genre, Tentai Senshi Sunred asks what our caped crusaders do when they’re out of business hours and sometimes it’s pretty crude. The main character, Sunred, is trying to retire from superhero life, but the arch-villains that were part of his career won’t leave him alone.

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Despite his reputation as a hero, Sunred is not a nice or pleasant person. He is lazy and gross and usually acts like a complete jerk to everyone. Most of the laughs on this show come from Sunred’s personality and habits and his half-hearted efforts to lead a normal life.

1 pantyhose and stockings with garter belt

This series doesn’t even try to be coy, but instead goes below the belt from the title. Panty and Stocking are the Anarchy Sisters, and have been exiled from heaven for a variety of shocking and sometimes embarrassing transgressions. The only way back is to redeem himself by defeating the malevolent ghosts of Daten City.

Taken seriously, this could be a horror or occult anime, but all the inappropriate jokes make it a comedy. There are also plenty of other hilarious examples of crude humor, like random nudity and exploding toilets, so even viewers who are used to crude humor will be impressed by pantyhose and stockings with garter belt.

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