9 animated films with terrible endings

The Nut Job, Mulan II

Animation has been a mainstay in filmmaking since its inception in November 1917. Since then, studios like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and Studio Ghibli have made their mark on animated film, with Disney now owning most of the animation studios. More smalls. There are many reasons why animation captures the hearts of so many audiences.

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However, there are also many animated movies that have a poorly written story, poor animation, weird characters, or pointless soundtracks. One of the most obvious deadly sins in cinema is having a bad ending that leaves the audience unsatisfied or confused. Many animated movies just miss the mark and suffer horrible endings.

9 Plans is a Disney/Pixar movie that has a boring ending

Many audiences may not have heard of planesa Disney/Pixar adventure that was released after the success of the cars Serie. planes premiered in 2013 and follows a talented young driver who wants to win a prestigious race. The film follows Dusty, a crop duster, who qualifies for the Wings Across the Globe race.

This Pixar movie might have been better received if it hadn’t reused the story of carsbut planes it’s particularly sinful given its boring ending. The fact that Dusty wins the race simply due to the villain Ripslinger’s arrogance is a bit disappointing.

8 Playmobil The movie was a poorly timed movie

Playmobil and Lego have had a rivalry for decades, and that rivalry continued in the movies. the lego movie released in 2014, but Playmobil joined the movie scene too late, releasing its own movie in 2019. While playmobil the movie It has a decent cast (including Anya Taylor-Joy and Daniel Radcliffe), the movie suffered from jarring songs and a predictable story. Nevertheless, playmobil the movie it was still cited as “uncomplicated fun”.

The ending, however, was lackluster. The heroes (Marla and Charlie) managed to thwart the bad guy by locking him in a cage and then went home. It’s a disappointing happy ending that could have used a bit of pizzazz.

7 The Nut Job features an embarrassing ending

the nut job is a 2014 heist comedy starring Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser, and Liam Neeson. Despite being the most expensive animated film co-produced in South Korea, the film received mostly negative reviews. However, some found the nut job to be a nice watch.

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While it’s a predictable and easy-to-watch movie, the nut jobThe ending of really is the nail in the coffin of your story. After Surly is seemingly killed, the audience is treated to a surprise revival. Finally, Surly is reunited with her love interest and close friend. After Surly’s monologue about teamwork and how he’s not a hero, The work of the nuts The ending turns into a loud and boring morality lesson.

6 Food fight! He was not saved by his end

Food fight! starring Charlie Sheen and Christopher Lloyd, and has a 1.3/10 rating on IMDb. Food fight!! it has grown in popularity as a movie so bad it’s good and has developed a cult following. Food fight! it was criticized by critics for its outdated animation, bizarre storylines, sexualized characters, and inappropriate humor.

Nevertheless, food fight! The ending is particularly bad. The villain is defeated and the audience is left with a confused statement from the protagonist: “We are saved, because the secret is inside, inside all of us!”. The hero then proposes to his mistress and the credits roll, leaving the audience with a confused ending after a strange movie.

5 Mulan II irritated many fans with its pointless ending

Mulan II revolves around the conflict between duty and love, fueled by the threat that China is in danger. Although it is a great story, it makes the ending even more absurd and out of place. Disney’s affinity for happy endings meant that the message of Mulan II was drastically changed. Finally, Mulan II The ending implies that personal love is more important than the destiny of a nation.

To forge an alliance with the neighboring kingdom, the Emperor arranges for his daughters to marry in a political alliance that will save China. However, the Emperor’s daughters fall in love with his guards. In the end, the princesses can marry whomever they please. While it’s a happy ending and an important message, the ending makes no sense and completely ignores the main plot of the movie.

4 The end of the Aristocats is nothing to write home about

the ending song of aristocrats is perhaps one of the most confusing songs in Disney history. The idea that “everyone wants to be a cat” is somewhat confusing and the song is one of the least catchy of Disney. Also, the song barely relates to The aristocrats’ actual ending, which sees Edgar sent to Timbuktu.

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The Aristocats then return to Madame Adelaide, who rewrites her will to exclude Edgar. The general theme of the film, that a woman loves her cats more than her son, is also strange. In 2020, Disney added a content warning to aristocrats as the 1970 film features racist cartoons.

3 Frozen 2 confused many fans and left them disappointed

The sequel to the massive hit Frozen, Frozen 2 received quite a bit of backlash from fans regarding its ending. While the story is fantastic and fans enjoyed another movie about Elsa and Anna, the ending felt out of place. In the end, Elsa saves everyone from a flood, but is separated from her sister, leading Elsa to abdicate the throne of Arendelle off-screen.

This off-screen occurrence upset many viewers, particularly when Anna becomes the new Queen of Arendelle while Elsa protects the Enchanted Forest. The sisters are separated again, apparently making the events of the first Frozen redundant movie. Also, the audience wonders what Elsa is doing in the forest.

two Hercules’ ending is daunting and makes no sense in Greek mythology

Hercules is one of the classic Disney movies, which set a precedent for more movies to come. Released in 1997, Hercules starring the likes of Danny DeVito and Rip Torn, and follows the main character as he learns about his heritage and true power. Hercules inevitably wins the battle against the villain Hades and plunges into the underworld to retrieve Meg’s soul.

This selfless act allows Hercules to become a god, but he decides to decline so he can spend his life with Meg. Hercules’ ending does not fit with Greek mythology. While Meg wasn’t in the mythology, Disney should have kept Hercules as a god and Meg as a mortal.

1 Toy Story 4 has a heartbreaking ending that doesn’t fit the franchise

the end to toy story 4 doesn’t fit well into the franchise. Disney-Pixar wanted to end the series and the best way to do that was to have all the toys go their separate ways. However, the audience did not like the fact that Woody chooses Bo instead of going back to Bonnie.

Woody hands Jessie his sheriff’s badge and says goodbye to his friends one last time. While this is certainly a heartbreaking ending for the crowd-favorite cowboy, Woody and Bo should have gotten their happy ending with Bonnie and her friends.

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